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Internet Explorer 6.0
Download it free!

7zip 9.20
DAEMON Tools v3.47
FileZilla 2.2.15
DirectX 9.0c
USB Mass Storage Drivers

Web Browsers
Opera 10.63
RetroZilla (local mirror)
Netcape Nav

Winamp 2.95
Windows Media Player 9

Unofficial Win98 SP3
Windows Installer
.NET Framework 2.0
Revolutions Pack 9

Windows 98 Start Button Windows 98 Downloads
If you've just installed Windows 98 on your PC, you're going to want to bring it up to speed with some sweet late 90's software, along with some new school stuff too!

When I was given my first hand-me-down PC at some point in 2004, it was still running Windows 98 SE. I would spend hours looking through the C:\Windows directory for clues on how the computer worked, making useless PowerPoint presentations and downloading trials of games over my 56k dial up connection. A couple of viruses probably made it through there too.

To the left there are some essential downloads for your Windows 98 machine, each divided into general categories. "Hot!" is the category for the applications I will always install -- and you should as well! Below this you'll see a few links for some bigger software packages too.

Microsoft Office 97
Microsoft Plus! 98
Encarta World Atlas 1998 Edition
Microsoft Windows 98 Starts Here
Microsoft Encarta 1998
Microsoft Frontpage 98
Microsoft Picture It! 2.0
Microsoft Publisher 98

Some of the software provided here is 'abandonware' and as such can be considered piracy depending on your moral code. If you are the owner of anything provided on Arizona Palms and would like your software removed, please make an effort to contact me and I will promptly remove all traces from my website.

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